Nursery Journey – Part 1

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t started off on the right foot, but in the mist of everything going on there is a little ray of sunshine and good news that can come along the way. I will be welcoming a baby girl at the end of fall/early winter time and couldn’t be more excited to get a start on designing the nursery. As a designer here at Green Goods, I’ve seen a lot of different concepts and designs for whenever we do a remodel, but I never gave much thought to nursery design until I found out I was expecting.  

Prior to knowing what I was expecting, I already had some thoughts on where I wanted to take the nursery. I knew I wanted to have green be the main color with hints of blue and grey if ended up being a boy and hints of pinks & purples if it was a girl. I had played with the idea of nature and succulents and seeing that I’m in fact expecting a girl, I thought the theme would be the perfect idea. I’ve had a love of incorporating succulents in my personal life, so it just seemed fitting. My wedding played a lot with succulents, from my bouquet to the center pieces so why not the baby’s room too?

Take a look at my design board for how I further dove into the succulent theme.

I plan on doing 3 of the main walls in Sherwin Williams Aloe and have an accent wall in Jadite to play with the darker greens you can get from succulents.  Pink and purple succulents make the perfect subtle pop on the dark wall, so I plan to either hand paint these on (if I’m feeling creative) or I’ve found metal hanging art that work just as well. 

Wish me luck and remember to look out for my progress post in the next month so you can see how the nursery is coming together!

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Product Highlight – American Clay

We know it’s been a difficult time for everyone since the pandemic hit, and we also know people have been using this free time to do some home improvements on their house, both inside and out. From changing out flooring, plumbing fixtures, to maybe some planting. Tired of the paint color on your walls and are looking to do something a bit more unique and different? Why not try your hand at applying American Clay plasters on your walls. Not only is it a healthy alternative to other material like paint, wallpaper, and cement it’s made with 100% natural sourced material.  The best part? It’s totally safe to do it yourself!

This non toxic plaster comes in 8 different plaster finishes with hundreds of color options to choose from. That can seem a bit overwhelming, so if you’re not sure where to start I’d recommend narrowing down the finish you’d like to achieve.  Each have their own special blend as well as look and feel. Choose between the original plasters – Loma, Porcelina, Lomaline, Marittimo, and Enjarre or try your hand at their new Forte plasters – Forte Base, Forte Finish, and Forte White. I personally love the look and feel of the Porcelina option due to the smoother finish that you can achieve but still showcases the natural texture that come with apply a clay plaster.

The great thing about American Clay is it’s not just used for walls, you can also use it on fireplace surrounds and in the bathroom as well. Check out American Clay’s website for all the options you can choose from as well as having informative for hands on workshops and online workshops which are useful during these times.

In the meantime check out some great applications from American Clay’s website that highlight Loma, Porcelina, and Marittimo to give you a little inspiration.

This private home in Colorado uses Porcelina in Sugarloaf White throughout the home. Check out more photos here
This modern home in New Zealand showcases the Marittimo texture in Oyser Bay. Check out more photos here
This stunning Lakewood ranch home uses Loma in Snow Canyon through out the home for a soft and subtle look. Check out more images here

Whether your ready to get your hands dirty or just want to gather inspiration for your next remodel project, don’t forget to think outside the box at some of your options!

Green Goods Productivity Amidst COVID-19

As most of you know COVID 19 has been affecting the world globally. Shelter in place has been affect in SLO county and unfortunately some businesses have had to close. While some changes had to be made, the Green Goods team is still up and running. Unfortunately, the showroom has been closed to the public since the shelter in place came in to affect, but we are still able to have clients come in on an appointment only basis. Our install crew and subcontractors are still hard at work, continuing to work on job sites, building cabinets, and working with clients’ needs to make sure they have functioning homes during this difficult time. Brian & Mikel Robertson are also doing what they can to help out on jobsites to keep things moving.

Zara & Christina, our two Interior Designers are hard at work at their own home offices still connecting and checking in with clients as well as keep designing regularly. In the down time when needing a break, they are finding things to do such as going on walks daily and cooking up new recipes they’ve found on line to practice their cooking skills and connecting with family.

We are fortunate that Green Goods is able to stay productive during such a difficult time, and we are thinking of our other local business as well. We are looking to help out anyone in need of a small repair or some minor work done on their house who may not have the means to do it, so please reach out and let us know if you need help with anything! We are taking everyday step by step, and will continue to do our best and keep working until any new developments from the government arise.

We hope all of you are staying safe during this time! For updates please check out our Instagram and Facebook and feel free to reach out to our designers if you need anything [email protected] & [email protected]

Stay safe

The Green Goods Team

Project Highlight- Morro Bay Bathrooms

Designed by Christina Grzenda

The project highlight for the month of April is an open and airy master bathroom and guest bathroom in Morro Bay.  The master bathroom previously had old fixtures, drab carpet, and was in need of a face lift while still keeping the character of the home. The houses architecture featured a lot of wood throughout the house and the client wanted to keep that present, so details such as the wood trim and the existing wood toilet stall allowed for the original architecture to still be present in both the master and guest bathroom in the new design.

One of the first things to go in the new master bathroom design? The carpet which was something our Interior Designer, Christina Grzenda was happy to see go. Once the old tile and fixtures as well as the old make up station was pulled, the next step was to remove the window and frame out a new location for the new window that would be installed over a free-standing tub. The client opted not to have a dam for the show, so once the concrete was cut out a line drain was installed for proper drainage.

Beautiful slate looking porcelain tile provided by Happy Floors provided a non-slip option perfect to continue into the master shower area and the wide range of variation in color from grays to creams and golds allowed for it to easily meshed well with the overall tone and accents in the space. Emser’s logic 4×10 subway tile in a matte Bone option was used on the walls and shower niche to give it a clean and contemporary feel. A custom-made walnut vanity made by Green Goods cabinet shop perfectly stores and shows off the client’s eclectic pieces. Caesarstone’s Sleek Concrete was used for both vanity tops and backsplash the master and guest bathroom and satin nickel fixtures keep things clean and contemporary in both spaces.

While both master and guest bathroom used the same materials the use of different lighting to highlight each space was used. To keep with the wood accents, the client found beautiful wood sconces from Acropolis lighting in San Luis Obispo to be installed on the framed mirror in the master bathroom and used lighting from Restoration Hardware for the fixtures featured in the guest bathroom. Our Interior Designer, Christina Grzenda had a great time watching these two spaces take shape and transform into the final projects. Take a look at the before and after shots and let us know what you think!

Special thanks to Photographer Elliott Johnson for shooting such beautiful shots! Check out more of his work here.

Product Highlight – Arto Tile

There’s nothing quite like a handmade tile. The texture and natural variation just can’t be replicated in mass production. If you are looking for a product that doesn’t patina over time or is perfectly uniform, Arto probably isn’t for you. I would recommend porcelain. However if you love the variation in natural products and want a unique material that evolves with you, I am excited to share one of my favorite products!

Arto is a family owned company based in Southern California that continues to make ceramic and concrete tile the traditional way- with skilled artisans, sourcing local materials and with lots of hard work.

Arto offers a variety of hand made tiles, thin brick, hand painted ceramic decorative tile exterior pavers, wall and pier caps. I have definitely used the Artillo concrete tiles most, they are so easy to place in projects. The Artillo tiles come in a variety of shapes that can be combined with each other to form even more designs and patterns. If you want to add more dimension, you could do a 30/30/40 mix of three colors to create a custom blend. Or even inlay a handprinted tile for visual interest.

I love when companies offer custom solutions. Inevitably there’s always something that needs to be altered just slightly to be the perfect fit. Arto offers a variety of colors that all their products can be made in, but if there isn’t the right shade, they can custom blend as well. If you’re looking to match certain brand colors, this is a great option.

I understand that neutral designs aren’t for everyone, but I have always gravitated towards them. I love color and know there is a place for it, but there’s just something about a space that uses texture for visual interest and Arto is definitely the product for the job. Here are some of my favorite uses in projects.

Plaster and Arto just belong together. I love how they smooth texture of the
plaster balances the bold hand painted Arto ceramic tile. Arto can be used in both interior and exterior applications. I would confirm with your installer whether or not a sealer should be applied where you choose to place it.

I love how a simple 8” x 8” square is transformed into a unique pattern just
by surrounding it with 3”x 11” pickets. I often find I lean towards wood
flooring for the warmth it introduces into a space, but I would argue that Arto could deliver very similar results.

Once all this uncertainly settles and you need a weekend getaway, I highly recommend Ojai, CA. Not only will you be surrounded by great wineries and home decor stores downtown, but the Ojai Valley Inn showcases Arto throughout their property so you can experience and appreciate it in person.

What Happens to Your Organic Waste? Green Goods Took a Look

Here in San Luis Obispo County, something special is happening to our organic waste.

After a ten year process, we have a new anaerobic digester in town. It’s converting your food scraps and yard waste into biogas and high grade compost.

If you can’t remember your early biology classes – anaerobic means without oxygen.

But the lack of oxygen isn’t what makes this digester unique. It’s the quality and efficiency. The plant processes the organic waste at 131° F, which is much higher than other facilities all over the state. The temperature allows for sanitizing the compost, ensuring the finish product is the best for use by local farmers. The high heat also allows for the production of a greater volume of carbon-neutral biogas.

We were able to take a tour and get the background scoop.

Green Goods Team at Digester
Here is Co-Owner, Mikel Robertson and his son during our visit.

We heard stories of Bill Worrell, Head of the Integrated Waste Management Authority. He toured a dozen European digestion facilities in search for a long term solution for organics. Worrell landed on Hitachi Zosen Inova in Zurich, Switzerland to engineer and construct the plant, making it the only facility in California to not be associated with a government agency.

He says anaerobic plants “keep everything indoors, there is no runoff and it recovers energy. It is just the best way to compost.”

Green Goods Digester Tour

The plant is carbon negative because it reduces our carbon footprint. If we were to dispose of our green waste in the landfill, the breakdown would release methane into the atmosphere. Instead, by placing food scraps and other organics in our green waste bin, we contribute to meaningful products.

This is a step towards a more carbon-neutral economy. Green On!

Products We Love

Geoluxe is an alternative material option for your countertop. Available in 7 beautiful colors, Geoluxe is made out of 100% minerals and these minerals are melted into almost a liquid state and cooled. The best thing about Geoluxe is it’s not only great for interior application, but also exterior application.

We love products like AmericanClay, not only for its beauty, but for their values and being an environmentally conscious product. American Clay plaster is a great alternative for both commercial and residential wall coverings. It’s non toxic,has zero VOC, made in the USA, comes in a variety of beautiful colors, and is easy to install.

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Marmoleum – Spring Colors

Marmoluem comes in a wide array of colors from whites,browns, and blacks to orange and red. We want put a bit more focus on the bright colors that we think take some inspiration from nature. These greens, blues, yellows, and purples throughout the  collection will remind you of the grass below your feet, the water in a flowing river, and the flowers that are once again starting to bloom. So the next time your looking to make a change in your home, why not pull it from nature? It also helps that Marmoleum is made out of 100% natural materials.

To learn more about Green Building Design, sustainable building and green interior design products visit us at our online showroom.

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Countertops: Cambria

We did a few blogs back in regards to countertop finishes and the pros and cons of each of them. We are going to focus a bit more on Cambria quartz and the difference between honed and matte.

The main difference between a honed finish and Cambria’s matte finish is that a honed finish can be more susceptible to staining and scratching. During the honing process, tiny pours or holes open up in the slab making it easier for it to stain. For Cambria’s matte finish they polish the slab at a different level than they would for a polished slab so it doesn’t effect it being nonporous or any of the slabs performance abilities.

Learn more and check out the colors here.

To learn more about Green Building Design, sustainable building and green interior design products visit us at our online showroom.

Interesting in starting your next project with Green Goods?

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Eco Nurseries

If you are an expectant parent with a little one on the way, getting the nursery ready is one of the best and fun parts of the whole process. Since we are very focused on Eco-friendly and sustainable design, we love using cork flooring for not only for being comfortable and soft on your feet, but it is highly anti-microbial. Perfect for when the little one is crawling and walking around. We also love using clay plaster for a bit of texture and it’s a great activity for you and your partner to do together. Lastly, use bedding made out of organic material like cotton. In addition, here are some other key factors to make your baby’s nursery its own and an overall healthier environment.

Walls: Use paint that has NO VOC to avoid those harmful smells that are commonly found in paint.

Floors: Use flooring that contains low VOC and are clean air certified. Aside from cork, marmoluem and bamboo are great products for this. If you have a desire for wall to wall carpet, look for carpet that is Green Label Plus clean air certified brand. Other options are wool, sisal, hemp or jute which also make perfect area rugs.

Bedding & Window Treatments:Look for natural rubber and organic cotton mattresses, along with bedding and window treatments that are made with organic cotton, bamboo and untreated fabrics.

To learn more about Green Building Design, sustainable building and green interior design products visit us at our online showroom.

Interesting in starting your next project with Green Goods?

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