Sonia Sokolova

Interior Designer

Sonia is our newest addition to the team! She graduated from California Polytechnic State University here in San Luis Obispo with a bachelor’s in financial management, but soon realized the rigid business world was not for her. Sonia is both rational and logical, while being creative and empathetic. Interior design is the perfect career to utilize all the skills that comes with such personality traits.

In her free time, two of Sonia’s highest passions are spending time outdoors and creating environments to bring people together.

Sonia is dedicated to creating open environments for people to enjoy, share, and accelerate change. She has been an integral player in creating events with two separate event production companies started by her friends. She strives to create an atmosphere of art, creativity, collaboration, and the exchange of innovative ideas.

She also strongly believes in protecting our beautiful Earth with every decision she makes. She was on a seven person team to put on 2017 SLO County’s Earth Day Fair and bring the community together, while promoting lifestyle changes for a sustainable future.

Contact Sonia for timely, dedicated work for any of your design needs.