Eco Nurseries

If you are an expectant parent with a little one on the way, getting the nursery ready is one of the best and fun parts of the whole process. Since we are very focused on Eco-friendly and sustainable design, we love using cork flooring for not only for being comfortable and soft on your feet, but it is highly anti-microbial. Perfect for when the little one is crawling and walking around. We also love using clay plaster for a bit of texture and it’s a great activity for you and your partner to do together. Lastly, use bedding made out of organic material like cotton. In addition, here are some other key factors to make your baby’s nursery its own and an overall healthier environment.

Walls: Use paint that has NO VOC to avoid those harmful smells that are commonly found in paint.

Floors: Use flooring that contains low VOC and are clean air certified. Aside from cork, marmoluem and bamboo are great products for this. If you have a desire for wall to wall carpet, look for carpet that is Green Label Plus clean air certified brand. Other options are wool, sisal, hemp or jute which also make perfect area rugs.

Bedding & Window Treatments:Look for natural rubber and organic cotton mattresses, along with bedding and window treatments that are made with organic cotton, bamboo and untreated fabrics.

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