Your Guide to Green Design + Contemporary Style

Looking for new and beautiful ways to upgrade your living space? Come join US Floors and Green Leaf Doors for some design pointers to help elevate your style game!


Wall Paneling  |  Castle Combe Original Relic Series by US Floors

Accent Wall  |  Plaster in Wild Horse Smoke by American Clay

Rustic + Modern = Contemporary

Bring some new and old design features, such as pairing the US Floors Castle Combe collection, which feature stunning hardwoods, with American Clay in a beautiful gray tone. The richness of the hardwood is balanced out elegantly with the modern touch of the clay. The Castle Combe collection can be used as wall paneling, which adds that rustic charm to the space!

                “Castle Combe Original Relic Series in Sodbury is a great choice, because you have the option to pair it with the Sevington color on the same installation. Those two choices are the same color and dye lot, but with unique characteristics in each color.

Sodbury has a combination of hand-carved fissures, brushing, hand-scraping, and a number of stains to make a rich and rustic appearance. Sevington features split planks with random insertions of wooden peg inlays and diagonal cuts. Sevington will mirror the essence of a floor reclaimed from a 19th century storehouse or a historic colonial estate.

Using a mixture of both Sodbury and Sevington allows for the customer to have wooden peg inlays more prominent throughout the floor (more Sevington used), or a subtle placement of wooden peg inlays spread throughout the floor (more Sodbury used).”

                                  – Ryan Burns, Territory Sales Manager for US Floors

Sliding Door  |  Horizontal Three Panel in Vertical Grain Amber from Green Leaf Doors

Organic + Edgy = Contemporary

Adding a modern door to contemporary interior can help bring elegance and simplicity to a room. Using bamboo accents throughout the room can present an organic and homey atmosphere, while stainless steel and chrome finishes will bring an edgy and chic edge.

“Green Goods proudly manufactures our own brand of modern interior doors. Green Leaf Doors are inherently green, exotic in nature and rich in design. Combining beauty with exceptional durability, our doors offer an architectural design element that is timeless and unique.

Doors are available in bamboo and FSC Echowood veneers including fir, white oak, walnut, teak, cherry and other exotic and unique woods. Collections include contemporary flush doors with metal inlays, traditional stile and rail doors, french doors and our one of kind Designer Collection.”

– Mikel Robertson, Co-Owner of Green Leaf Doors

Looking for new and beautiful ways to upgrade your living space? 

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