Check out this Energy Positive Relocatable Classroom, designed by Anderson Anderson Architecture. This innovative design focuses on giving teachers and students an optimal learning environment while conserving natural resources. The classroom conserves, and collects energy, daylight, wind energy, and rainwater. With maximized photovoltaic surface, and low energy consumption the net energy production is four times the buildings annual energy consumption. Check out the full article here, .

Architect: Anderson Anderson Architecture

Type: Educational

Whangapoua Sled House by Crosson Clarke Carnachan

This portable beach front vacation home sits atop a pair of timber sleds, enabling the structure to be towed up and down the coast. The compact structure was built to provide a cozy getaway for up to a family of 5. The coastal zoning prohibited built structures so the crafty architects decided to make a entirely sustainable, and movable structure. Read more about this out of the box solution here, .

This room features our Double closet doors with Echowood Rift Walnut veneers, walnut shutters, and a matching Bath entry door. Check out more sustainable doors, and exotic wood veneers at our website, . 

This house, “Entre Arboles”, was designed specifically for the piece of property it sits on. The architects took careful consideration of the trees that inhabit the property. Because there was not a place without trees that was big enough to fit the entire house, the architects decided to make the house into three volumes, and build around the trees. As you can see, the wooden decks that connect the three volumes, were designed, and built around the already existing trees. Not one tree was cut down to make room for this house. Read more about “Entre Arboles” here, .

Firm: Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados S.C.P.

Type: Residential

Year: 2010

This home, designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, is positioned on a hillside overlooking the San Francisco Bay. It features passive heating and cooling. The shed roofs that rise up above the kitchen, and master bedroom are designed to capture sunlight for photovoltaic and hot water panels. Check out the full article at, . 

Firm: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

Type: Residential

Year: 2003