This family home was designed to work with the seasons and the surrounding environment while still abiding by the urban rules, and site context. Many of the interior walls are on hinges making it possible to slide them away when a more open area is desired. The roof doubles as a garden, and was designed like a trellis to allow plants to grow on it, forming a living, breathing, roof while providing the inhabitants fresh veggies, and fruit. Check out the full article here,

Firm: Djuric Tardio Architectes

Type: Residential 

This Floating hotel is designed to slowly move around the world, and dock at destinations along the way. The MORPHotel is designed to be powered by the movement of the sea, and be completely self sustainable. Some deluxe hotel rooms would be able to undock and sail a safe distance away from the main ship allowing the customer(s) the freedom to explore beyond the confines of the main ship. The spine of the ship is flexible, allowing the structure to flow with the waves, conserving energy while harvesting it. Check out this video, it blew me away.

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