Check out this kid friendly, eco-friendly home made from honest materials designed by Guy Herschell Architects Itd. This home incorporates passive heating and cooling, solar hot water heating, on water detention and storage, and a grey water system. The home was designed to fit in with the surrounding farm lands, and incorporate many sustainable building practices. Learn more about this down to earth sustainable home here,

Take a look at this little run down barn in Switzerland that Alp’Architecture sarl converted into an elegant permanent living space for a couple. The barn was modified to be as energy, and space efficient as possible. A few volumes were added for extra space, and all indoor appliance placement was very carefully planned out, so as not to waste what little space was available. With the help of energy efficient appliances, double flow ventilation, solar panels, and photovoltaic pannels, this home is the only of its kind to be Minergie P certified in Switzerland. Check out some of Alp’Architecture sari’s other projects here, 

Check out this family home designed by Earthworld Architects and Interiors. The dwelling is designed to be comfortable for the occupants and work with the surrounding landscape. This home was built around already standing trees on the property, and the roof was kept to a minimum so as not to have a high visual impact on the landscape. The design implements a highly insulated roof to keep the house from overheating in the summer, and losing heat in the winter. Here’s an in depth article about this beautiful design,

Check out this cozy sustainable renovation did. This design really is a win win, with the warm, cozy vibe it gives off, and the fact that all the wood used on this project is FSC certified.  FSC certification makes sure that the woods harvested come from well managed forests, that are economically beneficial, and sustainable to the community. 

I recently learned about cork flooring, and why it’s such a good option for your floors. When cork is harvested the right way, only the outer part of the cork tree is taken so that the tree keeps growing, this means no forests are cut down in the process. Along with being a renewable and sustainable flooring solution, cork is also aesthetically pleasing. It brings softness, and comfort into any space, while staying around a temperature of 71 degrees (no slippers needed!). Cork is easy to clean, but soft to walk on, giving you the feel of a carpet, with the cleaning ease of hard wood flooring. Cork is an especially great flooring option in your kitchen, when most of your time is spent standing, because it is softer to stand on than hard wood. So the next time you are thinking about replacing your flooring, remember Cork!