Alexandra Kehayoglou:Crafts Lush Grassy Carpets Inspired by the Pasturelands of Argentina


These aren’t your grandmother’s shag carpets – Alexandra Kehayoglou creates incredible rugs that look like miniature pastures and meadows. Each hand-tufted piece is a tribute to the landscape of the artist’s native Argentina. As a granddaughter of Greek immigrants, she grew up following a textile tradition that was developed thousands of years ago
in Asia Minor. After graduating with a degree in visual arts, Kehayoglou
returned to her roots make carpets as her ancestors did, but with a
twist. As varied as the grasses of South America, the carpets are
beautiful representations of natural and cultural heritage.

I love these! They resemble the living moss rugs in a way (without having to water them!)

We love featuring brands that incorporate giving back into their business plan! Green Goods Products would like to applaud Westelm for endeavoring in this beautiful social cause that will have a LONG TERM impact on the lives of the haitian artisans working for one of their big suppliers!

How rad is this house!? I love the panoramic view as well let’s you see the full beauty of the ceiling! 

Marmoleum – a Natural Floor Covering – Perfect for Asthmatics!


One of the projects we’re working on at home is a remodel of my husband’s office. We got rid of the nasty carpet and had a decision to make about what floor covering to use in its place.

It just so happened that while I was out on Zephyr tour Wednesday, I came across a listing that had a product that looked suspiciously like linoleum, only better. It was colorful, stylish, and looked great. The listing agent had a brochure on the product, called Marmoleum.  I learned that the seller’s children had allergies and asthma so could not have carpet in their home. Enter Marmoleum, which was installed in all the bedrooms (the common rooms had hardwood floors).

Aha! My husband has been a life-long asthamtic and this seemed like the perfect solution to our problem. It is made of natural ingredients and is both anti-bacterial and anti-allergen so perfect for anyone concerned about health or the environment (and who isn’t?).

Made of linseed oil, pine rosins, wood flour, and backed with jute fiber, it has no caustic chemicals like many carpets and other flooring does. It looks easy to install (no glue needed) and comes in fun colors that can be mixed or matched.

The hard part, is which colors to choose!

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“California can’t spend its way out of a water crisis any more than it can frack its way out of the climate crisis. More money is as much besides the point as shorter showers, when such a huge portion of this problem comes from Sacramento’s willingness to let oil companies pour millions of gallons of fresh water down holes across our state in exchange for crude. If Governor Brown was truly serious about doing more than nibbling around the edges of the water crisis, step one would be obvious: place an immediate moratorium on fracking in our state, and prevent the pollution of more than 2 million gallons of fresh water per day.”

— Linda Capato