Stockholm apartment with beautiful light and cacti collection.


Sarah from Coco Lapine Design mentioned that she still prefers the lighter walls and neutral color palettes to gray and black walls, which seem to be trending. We have to agree with her on this one! The natural light paired with wood grain and white plank flooring, and multitude of plants create a natural, clean and relaxing vibe throughout this apartment. The lighter walls paired with organic shapes and colors with decor are very reminiscent of Nordic Design. 

To get an environmentally friendly version of this Whitewashed plank floor visit us here: 

Green Goods Products

#BusinessCase: Big Savings Through Waste Reduction Enables Rapanui to Drop Prices | Sustainable Brands

#BusinessCase: Big Savings Through Waste Reduction Enables Rapanui to Drop Prices | Sustainable Brands


Francisco Mangado – Museum of fine arts of the Asturias, Oviedo 2014. Photos © Pedro Pegenaute

The objectives/guidelines of the architectural action are:

-An image and identity that, over and above the historic- architectural substratum of the site, will give the Fine Arts Museum of Asturias its own uniqueness as an institution.

-Respect for that historical substratum.

-Diaphanous spaces that facilitate exhibition montage and make it possible to contemplate artworks with sufficient perspective, unlike how things are at present.

-Clear-cut internal functioning.

-Clear-cut accesses.

-A substantial increase in exhibition floor area.

Beautiful finished project and from an amazing architect!

Designer Yvette Chaix and I love to take day trips down to Santa Barbara and visit the Santa Barbara Market for some killer food and interior inspiration for commercial spaces. 


25. This small rustic cabin is handcrafted from 100-year-old reclaimed barn wood. Located in Sullivan County, NY, this retreat is totally off the grid – no water or electricity. The bluestone patio hides the house’s concrete supports. The owner uses a brook nearby for bathing (with biodegradable soap), or wood-fire water heater for the occasional hot shower. The house is furnished with all sorts of artifacts from his frequent travels.

© Dean Kaufman 2007

I love how intentional the design of this house is about maintaining the commitment to the environment. 

Triple Bottom Line | People Planet Profit

When trying to understand sustainability and all that it entails, it is important to look to companies that take the triple bottom line approach. The triple bottom line is compiled of a business plan that hopes to obtain success in making progress in profitability, contributing to a healthy environment, and adopting a social cause. These three areas work together to create a sustainable business model. When profit and environment work together you obtain viability. Community and progress come together to be equitable. Environment and community create endurance. Viability, equitability and endurance are all necessary to obtain sustainability. Being a part of a business that uses the triple bottom line approach to their business plan is a smart way to a brighter future.

How do you implement these elements of sustainability into your business model? We’ve created a list of examples for each to help in the process of searching for the solutions that are best for your business. Mix and match, but most importantly choose what makes sense for you!

The first element of sustainability is Profitability. This is what your business offers whether it be a product or service that you sell to make a profit. If you are looking to start a business, you probably already have a good idea of what you want that product or service to be. Make sure you love the product or believe in the service because this is key in being successful. If you are selling something you don’t believe in or you won’t back 100% then that lack of enthusiasm will transfer to your target audience. 

The second element of sustainability is Environmental. This is your brand’s promise to minimize their impact on the environment, whether it be through the materials you use to manufacture your product or the carbon footprint made by the manufacturing facility, transportation of goods, and retail operations. 

The third element of sustainability is Community. Community can mean something different to every company. You can view your community to be as small as your city/town or as large as the global community. Either way, the idea to this aspect of sustainability is to keep the good of the community in mind and apply a strategy that helps your business follow through with that goal. Many companies donate to a social cause as their way of giving back to the community. Other companies volunteer a certain portion of their services or products. 

These three elements work together to create the characteristics of sustainability. The characteristics are what makes sustainability desirable! 

Profitability + Environmental = Viability viability means that your business is capable of growth. Protect the environment that you and your business thrive in and you can continue to grow! Don’t protect it, and there is a foreseeable end to the environment and therefore the growth of your business.  

Profitability + Community = Equitability equitability is your company’s ability to provide profitability to the local economy. Therefore, this idea of “local economy” can range depending on your business just as the idea of community can. But the best part about this characteristic of sustainability is that you are providing jobs, generating revenue, paying taxes and providing stimulation to the economy. 

Community + Environmental = Endurance the endurance in this scenario insinuates that if you are aware of you business’ impacts on the environment looking to reduce them and combine those efforts with community engagement you surround your business with the perfect environment for growth. These two elements foster the development and awareness of your brand in a positive light. 

If you are just starting out it’s worth the initial effort to write these characteristics into your business model. However, if you are already in the midst of running your business, it may seem overwhelming to do it all at once. That’s okay! Start with one initiative and master it! Once it becomes successful, move on to the next initiative. Eventually you’ll see the benefits reaped from a sustainable business model including a strong and positive brand presence correlating with an increased revenue. 


This magnificent new bookstore is a treasure trove for literature lovers and architecture enthusiasts alike. Recently opened in Bucharest, Romania, the six-story Carousel of Light houses 10,000 books for sale. The building’s 19th-century façade and interior was restored to preserve its breathtaking details. With a first-floor modern art gallery and top-floor bistro included in the facility, the Carousel of Light truly incorporates a sampling of the best of fine arts and culture.

I love how the integrity of the historical architecture was kept in this restoration. Art, Books, and Food! Who wouldn’t want to visit this place? 

This beautiful beach condo was transformed from dated and cramped to open and modern! It’s a great example of how cork flooring can work in any room of the house. Here they use it in both bathrooms, both bedrooms, the entryway, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and even the laundry room! Designed by Yvette Chaix.

Flooring: US Floors Natural Cork Flooring in the Almada collection color: cocoa

Cabinets (Kitchen and bath): White acrylic cabinets by Luxe with FSC certified maple plywood boxes and soft close hinges.

Cabinets (Laundry): Light Grey Acrylic cabinets by Luxe with FSC Certified maple plywood boxes, and soft close hinges.

Countertops: Caesarstone both in the kitchen and bathrooms. color: desert limestone

For Leaders, the Return on Investment on Humility Is Huge | Sustainable Brands

For Leaders, the Return on Investment on Humility Is Huge | Sustainable Brands