Sustainable World Cup

Almost everyone this Month is talking about the FIFA World Cup.  For those of us at Green Goods who follow the game, this year has brought our special attention.  Stakeholders of the 2014 world cup have opted to make this year’s event sustainable.  There are a number of principles, strategies, and directives that make an event or business sustainable and I believe the planners of the world cup did a commendable job in considering the vital aspects.  We encourage all business owners, especially green and sustainable businesses to look at the steps taken and vie to implement similar ideals.  


-Leave a positive impact on the environment

-Expand and strengthen Democracy

-Economic growth

-Eradicate poverty

-Decrease inequality

-Improve working conditions

-Access to formal employment for youth

-Guarantee access to quality education and vocational training

-Gain skills in technology and science

-Access to quality healthcare

-Provide basic necessities (accommodation, sanitation, transportation)

-Promote culture and dialogue with other cultures

-Guarantee civil security/combat organized crime

-Defend national sovereignty 

The World Cup is a massive global event and is a great way to bring awareness to the importance of sustainability.  If a business has a strong and relatable mission, then people will be drawn to support it.  

Recycled content tile re-purposed for a creative detail in central Californian bathroom. The beautiful mountain motif mimics the view of the hills seen through the varied glass blocks. The glass blocks and bordering pebbles were collected over time and provided by the family of the owner.  

Caring for Paperstone


We get a fair amount of questions on how to care for and refinish Paperstone.  Part of the draw of Paperstone is not only the ease of fabrication but of it’s maintenance.  Scratches and wear can be buffed out with a non woven pad (Scotch Brite or similar).  Once the entire surface has been buffed, clean with denatured alcohol, allow it to dry, then re-apply the Paperstone finish.  After 8 hours, you can apply spray on bees wax and you are done.  Refer to these Maintenence Guides and Finishing guides for more detailed instructions.

Paperstone Finishing Guide-

Paperstone Maintenance Guide –