Love these drawer pulls made from recycled paper material. Hope these aren’t just a one-off and that they become available soon. Nice work. 


NATURA Hardware project… a work in progress. These drawer pulls were milled from a 1” thick sheet of recycled paper composite. 

A fun idea that has turned more learning experience then anything else. Definitely have more understanding of CAD design, CNC manufacturing, product life cycle and marketing then previously.  

(top: hardware packaging tags; bottom: Drawer and door pulls made from Richlite)

Dolphins, dolphins and more dolphins, escorted the Green Goods Products team home from a weekend in the Channel Islands. We don’t spend all of our time pushing green building materials. 

Cork floor, recycled glass tile & concrete countertops

Natural cork floors, recycled glass tile & concrete counters

#Richlite paper countertops & bamboo cabinets