Green Leaf Doors

Green Leaf Doors was established in response to requests for an architecturally unique and environmentally friendly alternative to production grade wood doors. Bamboo as a material provides a simple yet rewarding Zen like image that had yet to be available as a door. Bamboo has become the symbol or icon of green building, its presence is a visual reminder of one’s commitment to the environment and the possibilities that lay ahead. What better symbolic metaphor to the entry of a room?

Our experience as green building contractors and owners of Green Goods provided the framework for our bamboo door collection. Our goals are simple, provide a quality product that does not increasingly harm the environment or air quality, helps play a role in community well being and results in an architecturally beautiful element.

Visit our website at and browse our collection consisting of flush, stile and rail, French and designer series bamboo doors. Below is just a taste of the beautiful design available.