Landfill Harmonic

In Paraguay, a group of kids are making their own instruments out of landfill trash and creating a full symphonic orchestra.  

“We believe we are conveying a dream when we play with recycled instruments.  Playing melodies made out of trash that move people’s hearts and turn the key that unlocks the deepest feelings in children and young kids that begin to re-evaluate their own lives in which they have it all.”

Watch the video here –  

Formaldehyde free adhesive inspired by mussels

Dr. Kaichang Li, a chemist working at the University of Oregon was intrigued at how mussels created such a strong natural bond with rocks and were able to do so when wet.  His research led to a method by which he manipulated soy proteins to resemble that of the marine proteins with the water-resistant and adhesion properties found in mussels.  His process allowed for the development of a formaldehyde free adhesive (Purebondthat rivals the performance of industry competitors whose use in production has reduced hazardous air pollutants from 50-90%.  Read more..