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Almada Cork is a HOT! product. US Floors Natural cork has once again produced a product line that is top notch. In response to client’s desires the company has put out a collection of cork flooring that looks like plank wood flooring. The textures, micro bevel edging and color options are sure to provide the designer with a choice that meets their desire. Of course the material is manufactured using non toxic eco friendly glues and finishes, recycled content core materials and the rapidly renewable cork finish layer. There are two easy steps in choosing the right product for you. First: Choose one of four grain patterns; Nevoa, Marcas, Tira or Fila (see marked photos)

Second: Choose one of 24 colorsAnd it’s that easy. But wait it gets even easier. Natural Cork Almada fastens together with the “Drop and Lock” system. Now more wedging the edges, sliding one direction or another or hammering a tapping block to get that final click. It’s simple … just drop and lock! Check out our sale going on now and take advantage of this great product.

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Cork – the ideal Yoga flooring surface

Yoga is a practice that allows one to calm the mind and body through a series of stretches, breathing practices and meditations. Yoga can be enjoyed outdoors and or indoors and there are many schools and classes available to help one practice. For those interested in practicing studios cork flooring offers a great foundation or flooring. The cork material offers many benefits;

 Natural and non toxic
 Rapidly renewable – the tree is not cut down, rather harvested for its bark which in turn regenerates
 Solid surface yet providing a slight cushion – provides comfort under foot and body
 Temperature consistant – meaning it does not get too cold or hot
 Available in a variety of colors and patterns
 Natural sound insulator
 Easy to clean and beautiful
For the Yoga partitioner the cork floor will keep you grounded during practice. For the beginner cork Yoga blocks are also available. 


Cork: Beautiful, comfortable and easy to install!

Cork has a long and distinguished history as an agricultural product. In ancient times, cork bark was used to form sandal soles, food storage vessels, and floats for fishing nets. Seventeenth century French monk, Dom Perignon, is credited with being the first to recognize the ability of cork to contain sparkling wines, so important to the development of the industry. There are mentions of cork and its uses in many ancient documents and literature surviving from as far back as 400 BC.

Notable cork floor installations: 

  • The First Congregational Church in Chicago, Illinois in 1890
  • The Mayo Clinic and Plummer Building – 30,000 square feet in 1912 and the 1940s.
  • In 1978 and 1979 they installed 70,000 square feet of WE Cork material in a new addition
  • Fallingwater in western Pennsylvannia in 1937
  • The Library of Congress
New advances in technology has allowed for higher quality, durable cork flooring surfaces easily available on the market. Most people enjoy easy installation with click flooring. Cork is offered as a 12" x 36" click plank that will float over a moisture barrier. If you do have moisture issues these floating floors are a great option. The bottom layer of the plank is post industrial recycled cork. Next, the core, is comprised of a recycled wood, pulp core held together with formaldehyde free adhesives. And the top layer or wear layer is a finished cork surface. Check out the great options available.

    Drop and Lock Flooring Products!

    DIY Alert! – Do it Yourselfers never had it easier. Technology in flooring has advanced to the point there is no need for nails and hammers or sticky gluey trowels. Several manufacturers have developed flooring products that “Drop and Lock” into place with out the need of additional fastening. Natural cork one of our favorite brands continues to provide a majority of their product line using the Uniclic system. These floating floors are easy to install (more affordable!), aesthetically beautiful, durable, climate controlling, derived from a renewable resource and free of toxic chemicals. Natural cork has even added their Almada collection that looks like 4" rustic wood flooring. This system is a true “drop and lock” system. CHECK OUT NATURAL CORK ALMADA and NATURAL BAMBOO. Enjoy the ease of easy installation!

    Sandy Aftermath

    A moving story about the state of things in Rockaway and elsewhere affected by hurricane Sandy.  Please watch and do what you can to help.

    Skatelite at Red Bull North American Headquarters

    Part of the North American Red Bull headquarters, a Santa Monica building converted in 2007, is a curved steel frame 300 foot long, 42 foot wide, and 15 foot high interior Skatelite “feature ramp”.  The wave shape ramp makes its way through the building, under and over an 8,000 square foot steel framed mezzanine structure, a large screening room with a “Sky-fold” door that closes for screenings and opens for other events, an entrance courtyard with a 48 foot wide, 28 foot tall, glass bi-fold door to the outside, a steel framed mechanical platform above the roof, and a 3,500 square foot state-of-the-art acoustically isolated recording studio with a spring-isolated floating concrete slab and “box-in-box” construction.  If you’re lucky, like Ryan Sheckler, you might get to skate it.  Skatelite is compressed paper solid surface manufactured by Richlite.