Green Roofs – a growing market or “green curiosity”

Chicago is one of the cities leading the way in developing green roofs to offset the effects of growing urbanization and associated air pollution, urban heat-island effects and loss of green spaces.  However, the environmental benefits remain hard to monetize, and questions persist on whether urban vegetation will be a mainstream market or another green curiosity.  What do you think? Read More

Nike, Puma and Adidas respond to #Greenpeace Detox campaign

Launched in July 2011, the Greenpeace Detox Campaign has exposed links between textile manufacturing facilities causing toxic water pollution in China, and many of the world’s top clothing brands.

As reported in The Environmental Leader, Greenpeace found nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) in clothing from 14 brands: Abercombie & Fitch, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Converse, G-Star RAW, H&M, Kappa, Lacoste, Li Ning, Nike, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo and Youngor. These chemicals break down to form nonylphenol, which has “toxic, persistent and hormone-disrupting properties”

Three of the leading sports brands – Nike, Puma and Adidas – have committed to having zero discharge of hazardous chemicals throughout their supply chains by 2020.