3 Reasons to Consider Cork Flooring

1. Sustainability

  • A cork tree will live 150-200 years and can be harvested every 9 years with each harvest producing better quality cork.  Cork is the bark of the tree, so no tree is ever cut down in the harvesting of cork.
  • Cork floors are made from cultivated waste from the wine-stopper manufacturing process so it is a post-industrial byproduct.
2. Comfort and Practicality
  • Cork floors are soft. They provide a natural cushion which releves stress on joints and the back.
  • They are thermal self regulating.  Cork floors tend to stay around 71 degrees year round, reducing the need for indoor climate control. 
  • Cork is a great insulator as it reduces the transmission of vibration, sound and heat.
  • Cork floors are anti-microbial, water resistant, and will not spread flame. A substance called Suberin that naturally occurs in cork makes it resistant to bugs, mold, mites and termites. Because of this substance, cork also will not rot. 
  • Cork floors are hypoallergenic as they do not absorb dust.
  • They have a self healing quality. Cork can return to its original shape even when exposed to heavy weight and pressure.
3. Timeless Beauty
  • Cork floors are elegant and beautiful.  
  • Cork has been in use for thousands of years.  It was initially used as a float for fishing.  Dom Perignon standardized the use of cork as a bottle stopper for champagne, which lead ultimately to a variety of other uses.
  • There is a wide variety of design options as cork is available in numerous textures, patterns and colors.
  • As vinyl and other modern resilient flooring options came out in the middle of last century, cork flooring’s popularity dropped.  However, new finishing techniques, improved technologies and an increased interest and awareness of green living has created a resurgence in cork flooring. 
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