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Come check out US Floors on our website at! In there Natural Bamboo Collection there is a collection called Expressions. Expressions has an extreme durability and distinctive beauty in a solid, easy to install locking strand woven bamboo. This flooring has a nice clean look to it! Check it out!
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Check Out Slate-ish!!

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Check out the the brand called Slate-ish! They are an alternative to stone & ceramic tile products. Made from the post industrial waste of paper laminate. These paper laminates are made from FSC certified paper or recycled paper and are used for countertops, cutting boards, skateboard ramps, and in various manufacturing processes. Come check it out at!

#Graywater mistakes are good opportunities to learn from.

The reuse of our interior graywater for landscaping has made a renaissance in the last few years thanks to, in part, regulatory help. Yes it’s true most family farms had a majority of their household waste water as graywater. It, water from bathroom vanities, showers, tubs, laundry and wash basins, ¬†simply went out into the landscape, while toilet and kitchen water was sent to a septic system. Times passed and all water was commonly directed to septic systems or community sewer systems. It is no secret that farmers are finding themselves with less water , coastal communities are faced with salt water intrusion from over use of community wells, and that urban communities are asked to conserve, conserve, conserve.¬†

One solution to a complex problem is to reuse as much of your graywater in your landscape. One such simple system that is easy to install in a majority of homes is coined the “laundry to landscape” system. Please check out …

¬†The system is simple … install a three way valve at the washer location. This give one the availability to discharge the water over your landscape or direct it to the septic or sewer. As the water is discharged to the landscape it is important to provide a backflow preventer so that water does not return to your laundry machine. This point is where we will find our lesson today.
There are two basic types of back flow preventers (swing check valve) , a spring loaded and a flapper style. Only use flapper style , the spring loaded will get clogged. I had installed a spring loaded valve over a year ago.¬†Please see you tube video …¬†

The client recently washed a fairly dirty and large rug and clogged the system. We pulled it apart and found that the small opening that the spring loaded backflow preventer had clogged. Check out the attached picture. I have not been using these, but did on this job. Why you ask? good question. I had known the problems. This was a great reminder, the only back flow preventer that should be used is a “see through” flapper valve. The clear valve allows one to monitor clogging and preventing any problems from occurring. The valves can be found at pond stores or marine stores where they are commonly sold and used. please see photo of true union see through swing check valve. As you can see the transparent valve can be visually inspected for clogging and undone to clean out if necessary.¬†
Learn from our lessons and do it right! Give us a call and we can help you out wit hall your graywater needs. 805 543 9900 or or visit the guru at 

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Frank Lloyd Wright – Kundert Building at night

The lights are rarely on.

Fineline #flooring is sure fine! Check out the deals at

Fineline Flooring is a unique eco-friendly flooring option.The FineLine Collection visually boasts the line‚Äôs signature look of vertical bamboo with the warmth of hardwood, but have more consistent color and use only a single species. In addition to providing your home with a chic and contemporary backdrop, our FineLine Collection is also eco-friendly..¬† In order to create the entire FineLine Collection, we recycle the offcuts from producing our celebrated line of Nature‚Äôs Beauty‚ĄĘ flooring, ensuring that every bit of the raw material that comes through our factory is utilized. The entire FineLine Collection features the G5 Glueless Locking System, a new and simple installation system for our floors. ¬†It is a revolutionary advancement for the industry, and it has become very popular due to its hassle-free and glue-free installation approach. ¬†By omitting the use of glue, this new system is not only more economical and less of an air pollutant, but it also provides ease of installation for professionals and DIY homeowners alike.

Check out the color options and give us a call. Cheers Mikel

Green Goods products offers all your #ecofriendly building products to complete your #greenbuilding project.

Visit us at to view all the beautiful green building products to enhance your home or business. We offer flooring, bamboo, cork, FSC wood, recycled content tile and natural and non toxic carpets, countertops, cabinets, as well as paints and finishes. Truly your one stop shopping cart for green materials. Right now we are having a sale on Fineline flooring from Premier floors. Post industrial scrap wood has been joined together to create a thin plank flooring look that will catch the eye of the people stomping over them. Simple, straight lines that offer a modern look to your project. Normally for sale between $8 -9.50 a sq/ft we are currently offering a deal on some of the collection for just under $7.00 a sq/ft. and if you purchase 1000 sq/ft or more we can give you unbelievable discounts. We have installed these floors in several of our own projects and always walk away proud of the work. 
Alright folks, keep doing your best! Green It Now!

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Our National Monuments going green, check it out!

This last weekend I blew off the super bowl and all the silly commercials and went up to the Pinnacles National monument outside of King City, California. During my brief moment to relief myself I noticed this notice on the wall explaining the environmental efforts the park was incorporating. Notice the Green Seal at bottom right corner. These efforts put a smile on my face. Cheers Mikel

What’s up with bamboo Rayon clothing?

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   In an attempt to live the good life, ie. indulge in healthy habits and make purchasing decisions that are respectful and healthy for the plant and our communities, we must consider the clothes we wear. For me one of  the most environmentally friendly decisions I can make when buying clothes is shopping at thrift stores. The obvious benefits are that you are reusing a potential waste product, not buying new products and most of the time thrift stores are also not for profits, such as Goodwill, that contribute to our low income community members. however there are benefits of buying new clothes if you choose environmentally and social preferable products. This could be USA made organic cotton clothes and / or bamboo clothes that are produced in an environmentally preferable manner. Both contribute to small business growth that contribute to economic growth while promoting businesses that offer practices that are helping protect and ensure social and environmental stewardship.  
But what about Rayon? I know that Rayon is a heavy chemical process and if we buy bamboo clothes isn’t it derived from Rayon? And if so is there a safe way to make bamboo rayon? Watch the following video and you make the call.¬†

see link below …¬†